Mae Magnin Brussell (1922 -1988) was an American conspiracy researcher and radio personality, best known as the host of Dialogue: Conspiracy (aka World Watchers International). Her career spanned 25 years, first with an in-depth cross-reference of the Warren Report that revealed inconsistencies in the official JFK assassination story, and eventually broadcasting her findings on radio, publishing articles, teaching, and lecturing around the country. John Lennon donated money so Paul Krassner could afford to print Mae Brussell's work in his magazine The Realist.

Mae Brussell’s research library contains extensive handwritten cross-references and analysis by Mae on such topics as the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, as well as the Watergate scandal, Charles Manson, mind control, bio-warfare, and the developing dominance of the military industrial complex. There are thousands of documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence and notes totaling 39 file cabinets, along with hundreds of books (many rare and out-of-print) and two copies of the Warren Report.

It is very likely that Mae documented the early activities of current political figures who were just beginning their rise to the positions of power they hold today.


The mission of The Mae Brussell Project is to digitize this vast archive and make the materials available online. We are currently seeking:

  1. 1000+ square feet of secure warehouse, home or office space, near Monterey (two year minimum)

  2. Transportation, 40-foot trailer or comparable alternative, plus labor, for initial relocation

  3. Equipment, software and personnel for scanning, archiving, and publishing the library digitally

We invite you to participate. Please join, contribute if possible, and share this group with your friends.